This is the web site of Dorina Vital.  She was born Dorina Rostas in Romania. 

She came to America with new American parents Mark and Sondra Vital in March of 2002.  This site tells our story. 

Dorina Vital
Dorina Feb. 2003

we have taken many pictures of Dorina, but I have selected a few of my favorites.

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“Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children"

Born in Oradea, Romania the year of 1997 and traveled to America to start a whole new lfe...

Dorina Nicole Vital

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the inner child
the inner eye

Autism Speaks - It's time to listen

Dorina suffers from many disorders including autism spectrum disorder, self-abusive behavior, brain damage, and many behavioral disorders. We do not know if she was born with these disorders or fell victim to them due to poor
nutrition, isolation, and severe deprivation of human love.


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